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Tom Starnes is also an industry analyst
withObjective Analysis Objective Analysis
for the traditional one-to-many
Market Research
of the markets and applications
of embedded processors,
semiconductors, and more.

He can also be found assisting
other independent market
research firms, as appropriate.

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Market Research

Researching a target market can identify technologies, products, and vendors that are competing to serve the market, application, and end-user. Complementary industries, infrastructure build-out, standards evolution, business models, price points, software development, and user education can help or hinder market development. Acceptance of a technology may be impeded by technology in a slightly different market - MP3 music on a cell phone may have been more successful if the iPod had not been so successful. Assessing the factors that impact the timing and growth potential for a market can be the most valuable exercise to a vendor hoping to serve that market - and maximize profits.

At Strategy Sanity we can research the specific market that a client is targeting. Reports and data are designed to provide a realistic outlook for the market and will stand up to scrutiny in a broader and dynamic market. If an existing or a generic report fails to give the detail needed, then Strategy Sanity can dig deeper or focus more specifically on the client's needs. We can provide analysis, additional perspective, or sanity checks on client in-house evaluations or even other market research firms' studies.

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