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Is my strategy sound?

Business and product strategies rarely comprehend the broad market factors that influence the narrow application that is targeted.

Will this processor be successful?

Business issues make or break an MPU, MCU, DSP, or core processor as much as fancy technical features.

What am I missing?

 An independent,


 experienced analyst

 can expose weaknesses

 in a strategy and

 steer a product or service

 to its optimum market.

Direction for Your Business

Strategy Sanity consults with clients to clarify strategies, analyze markets, and perform marketing services that will expand their customer base and revenues.

Strategy Sanity offers a wide range of market-oriented services:

Corporate, product, service, market, and program strategies can be analyzed and sharpened.

Traditional market research can be performed.

A variety of marketing and writing services are available.

Extensive experience is the basis of these and many additional capabilities.

We possess a unique expertise in the products, vendors, applications, and markets of processor-based semiconductors (called: embedded processors).

Look into the background of our principals and see how the Press and the industry value our insights.

Direction for Your Business

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