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Embedded Processors Electronic Systems High technology expertise semiconductor embedded microprocessors (MPUs), microcontrollers (MCUs), digital signal processors (DSPs), and core processors

High technology is the industry in which Strategy Sanity has its greatest
expertise: semiconductors – in particular, embedded microprocessors (MPUs),
microcontrollers (MCUs), digital signal processors (DSPs), and core processors.

As digital processors evolved, integrated into system-level chips, and merged
as multi-cores, Strategy Sanity was watching, evaluating every step. We
understand the diverse market, the players, what succeeds and what won't.

Whether your business is embedded proces­sor chips or designing digital processors into electronic equipment, Strategy Sanity can help plot a viable course through the competition and make the best long-term decisions on architectures.

Strategy Sanity can help answer the questions vital to your processor business:

Let our independent perspective expose potential problems.


Embedded Processors