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Tom Starnes

Tom Starnes photoThe principal analyst and advisor for Strategy Sanity is Tom Starnes. Mr. Starnes' early career working in the semiconductor industry gave him the perfect basis for understanding a broader spectrum of the electronics industry for his current role as analyst and advisor.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Tom Starnes started his career in the semiconductor operations of Motorola in Austin. He was an active member of the team that marketed the company's microprocessors (MPUs), first as the state-of-the-art brains of engineering workstations, and later as the dominant processor in embedded applications — those other than workstations, PCs, and servers. He later helped market Motorola's new digital signal processors (DSPs). Mr. Starnes was intimately involved in virtually every aspect of marketing at Motorola (which eventually morphed into Freescale Semiconductors, and later became part of the Philips spin-off, NXP).

Mr. Starnes next joined Dataquest (which later became part of Gartner, Inc.) as an industry analyst following the embedded microprocessor (MPU), microcontroller (MCU), and digital signal processor (DSP) semiconductor industries, worldwide. Here he expanded his understanding of the motivations, abilities, and dynamics of all major vendors and significant applications of these pivotal chips, in the context of a constantly-changing global marketplace. Major trends issues that have arisen since Mr. Starnes has been analyzing the ever-growing electronics market include intellectual property (IP), core processors in customized chips, the consumerization of applications, the transformation of the Internet, and smart phones driving the entire industry.

In 2006, Mr. Starnes moved out on his own as an independent analyst and consultant, creating Strategy Sanity and working with Objective Analysis and other small market research firms. Working on more specific issues with clients by contract and advising financial clients regarding semiconductor companies, products, and markets, he has made use of his extensive knowledge of the industry, marketing, strategies, applications, and people, to help clients in a more focused way while broadening his scope at the same time.

Relevant Qualifications of Tom Starnes

              References from those who have worked with him . . .

"Tom Starnes was hired as a Technical Co-Chair for our annual ARM technical conference this past year. Tom managed the MCU & Tools and the Internet Everywhere segments. Tom brought a hard working, passionate element to our technical team. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter in both categories which was very much appreciated by the RTC Group as well as the potential speakers. He was able to converse with them at their level and assist with guiding their topics to fit our conference. Tom also moderated several panel sessions and MC'd several others and did a great job for us.

"I enjoyed working with Tom and especially enjoyed his unique point of view. I look forward to hiring him again for future projects."

      -Cindy Hickson, Senior Vice President, The RTC Group

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